Create a Workspace

AWS Cloud9 workspace should be built by an IAM user with Administrator privileges, not the root account user. Please ensure you are logged in as an IAM user, not the root account user.

Ad blockers, javascript disablers, and tracking blockers should be disabled for the cloud9 domain, or connecting to the workspace might be impacted. AWS Cloud9 requires third-party-cookies. You can whitelist the specific domains.

Launch AWS Cloud9 in US-EAST-1:

  • Sign in to AWS as the IAM user you’ve configured and open the AWS Cloud9 console.
  • In the AWS Cloud9 console, choose Create environment.
  • Select Create environment
  • Name it gitflow-workshop, and take all other defaults
  • When it comes up, customize the environment by closing the welcome tab and lower work area, and opening a new terminal tab in the main work area: c9before

Creating an environment and connecting to it for the first time takes several minutes.

  • If you like this theme, you can choose it yourself by selecting View / Themes / Solarized / Solarized Dark in the Cloud9 workspace menu.

Keep your AWS Cloud9 IDE opened in a tab throughout this workshop as we’ll use it for activities like cloning, pushing changes to repository and using the AWS CLI.