Create Development Environment

After pushing the commits to development branch, the lambda function you created earlier will automatically detect a new develop branch created and codecommit will trigger the function to create the development environment and code pipeline.

Your new stack, gitflow-workshop-develop, appears in the list at the top portion of the Cloudformation console. Once the cloudformation successfully created the stack go to AWS Elastic Beanstalk Environment Management Console.

Elastic Beanstalk Application

Go to the environment URL for the gitflow-workshop-develop application and the web browser should display the sample nodejs application that you just deployed.


Cloudformation template also creates a new code pipeline gitflow-workshop-develop-pipeline for the development branch. This also uses event-based Amazon CloudWatch Events rules as the change detection method for your pipelines with a CodeCommit repository. When Amazon CloudWatch Events rule detects source changes it starts the pipeline.


Creating an environment and pipeline for the first time takes several minutes.

Only run the below step if the lambda trigger is not working

Manual creation steps

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