Develop Branch

Create Develop Branch

When using the git-flow extension library, executing git flow init on an existing repo will create the develop branch:

  1. Initialize gitflow
Admin:~/environment/gitflow-workshop (master) $ git flow init

Which branch should be used for bringing forth production releases?
- master
Branch name for production releases: [master]
Branch name for "next release" development: [develop]

How to name your supporting branch prefixes?
Feature branches? [feature/]
Release branches? [release/]
Hotfix branches? [hotfix/]
Support branches? [support/]
Version tag prefix? []
  1. List the current branches. The current branch will be highlighted in green and marked with an asterisk.
Admin:~/environment/gitflow-workshop (master) $ git branch
* develop
  1. Push commits made on a local branch to a remote repository.
Admin:~/environment/gitflow-workshop (develop) $ git push -u origin develop